AMERICAN PAIN to be published by Lyons Press in Fall 2015.

Warner Bros options AMERICAN PAIN.

John Temple’s books take you behind the scenes of the most intriguing legal and medical realms in America.

His forthcoming book, AMERICAN PAIN, chronicles the rise and fall of the largest painkiller distribution ring in the U.S.  The young felons and doctors who created the American Pain clinic inspired an entire industry of Florida pill mills and gave rise to a major Florida-to-Appalachia drug trafficking pipeline.  Fall 2015.

Temple’s second book, THE LAST LAWYER: THE FIGHT TO SAVE DEATH ROW INMATES, came out in November, 2009. Temple spent four and a half years shadowing attorneys in North Carolina who represented Bo Jones, a man convicted of a 1987 murder.  The Last Lawyer won the Scribes Book Award in 2010.

DEADHOUSE: LIFE IN A CORONER'S OFFICE, published in 2005, chronicled the exploits of a diverse team of death investigators at a coroner’s office in Pittsburgh.